Free Time Is A Treasure & Opportunity — PM Modi During PPC 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his interaction, advised students not to be afraid of exams but to look at them as an opportunity to improve. He also said the family and social environment, at such times, create undesirable pressure. In his virtual interaction with students during the PPC 2021 programme, he also advised students not to become over conscious regarding exams and asked them to treat it as a small step in their long journey of life. He added that the students will not feel pressurised if there is no external pressure which in turn will boost their confidence. He also acknowledged that students can’t be good in everything but also advised them not to abscond any subject even if its difficult. Citing his own example, he said that he takes complex work in the morning when he feels rejuvenated and fresh and leaves easier tasks for night. He also requested teachers to guide and encourage students whenever needed and parents to not create unnecessary fear in their child